Index of Wetland Condition
Data Management System


Resources required for an IWC assessment
Instructions and guidance for applying the IWC method
This manual is a quick start guide to using the IWCFAT and includes a link to the tool. The tool is a web app tailored for smart phones and tablets and works with most web browsers on the device. It captures IWC data in the field, negating the need to use the field data sheets in the IWC assessment procedure, however it is important that this methods document is still followed. Data collected using the IWCFAT can be uploaded directly to the IWC Data Management System.
Benchmark descriptions of the individual EVCs that are used in assessing wetland vegetation in Victoria
View information about wetlands and create maps required for an IWC assessment
Other IWC resources
Description of the method for assessing wetland vegetation in the IWC. The method is based on assessing wetland ecological vegetation classes (EVCs)
Descriptions and photographs of IWC EVCs which have been complied into a guide to assist the identification of EVCs for IWC and wetland vegetation assessments
Describes how the method was developed and the condition measures that are used
Summarises wetland assessment methods reported in the literature from Australia and overseas and highlights examples of how aspects of wetland assessment and monitoring have been undertaken that have most relevance to Victoria
Technical report that describes both the 2009/10 and 2010/11 statewide IWC assessments and their results
Summary report of the statewide assessment of Victoria's high value wetlands in 2009/2010
Outlines an IWC training program, development of information management protocols and databases and the testing of the IWC for consistency in measuring condition against a number of criteria
Identifies risks to IWC data quality and consistency, examines existing QA QC procedures to reduce these risks and provides recommendations for improvement
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